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The Amack is an accessible model of five letters referring to five different aspects of the musical process.

By addressing and discussing each aspect separately the assessment and development of the whole process can be clearly mapped out. Each and every ‘letter’ influences every other ‘letter’.


The Amack is created as a communication model between different participators in any artistic process.
From teacher to student, from teacher to teacher, from student to student, between band members.


Students who learn to use the Amack system as a communicative model early on, gain a clear overview of their educational situation and their development.

It assists them in setting realistic goals and helps to map out routes to achieve them. It helps them to understand feedback, the assessments and the point of view of the teacher.


Choices, Behavior, Responsibility

The overall letter A features the attitude. Attitude is overarching all other letters.

Maximizing each letter separately will depend on positive change in attitude.
Attitude signifies all the choices that are to be made;which gear, which approach and how careful or careless the interaction is with what is encountered.

The attitude becomes distinct in group behaviour. Especially in making room for each and everyone’s ideas. It points at the way individual initiative is taken, how teamwork operates and how concepts are materialized.

Attitude points at the behaviour and conduct on stage. For instance to the focus and energy. Attitude can be responsible for the performance communication with the audience.


Physique, Technique, Presence

The letter M refers to motoric skills. In order to generate sound the body has to be brought into a deliberate motion.
To transform ideas into music the correct breathing and positioning is imperative .

Another feature of the letter M is the technique. The motoric skills are fundamental to the technical development.
To name a few: the technique to create a beautiful sound on the instrument, the forming of tone and rhythmical rendition.

A healthy execution in order to prevent injury is another important factor covered by the letter M. In addition, motoric skills play an important part on stage; the way the body is present, the conviction with which the performance is executed.
All movement is body language, is communication and as such featured under the letter M.


Sound & Rhythm, Self & Others, Inner library

The A refers to the auditive aspects of music. Careful listening to sound, to nuances in creating tone and to the attuning of other players are all requirements for the development of personal musical expression.
The A not only refers to listening to yourself but also to others. This includes listening in an educational as well as in a band situation.
Listening to each others reaction and the consequences of input are covered by the letter C. Listening is the key to team work, to a successful joint effort.

The A also covers the musical imagination and experience that over the years has been formed through all that’s been listened to. The iPod, the record collections of parents, the multiple remarks of teachers and band members and maybe even the music in an elevator have all contributed to the inner library that forms the musical identity.


Experiment, Multi-Disciplines, New Technology

The letter C refers to creativity.

Daring to experiment, trying out new ideas in a safe environment where inclinations can evolve into full blown musical concepts.
The C signifies the importance of developing a personal language with which to form one’s own musical approach and identity.
The letter C surpasses the traditional education of learning to play an instrument. It addresses the fun of playful interaction with -and move freely among- different disciplines in order to stimulate a creative process.

The C also relates to the creative application of new technology. The computer is an omnipresent device in our society and therefore provides effective use of all the information available.


Theory, Concepts, Internet

The letter K stands for knowledge. Besides the seemingly intuitive knowledge of many talented musicians the K refers to that what can be learned in a classroom and in a one-on-one situation. It qualifies in which way theoretical knowledge is absorbed and implemented and how it is applied as a supportive resource in the over all development.

Knowledge indicates the collective development of a concept. Besides the individual aspect of instrument control, music making is foremost a social activity where a team must come to a result. Therefore knowledge is not solely something possessed but something that is mutually generated.

To only gain knowledge in the traditional way is no longer an option. The internet provides an immense amount of trivial as well as important information, background perspective and historical sound achieves. The letter K therefore also refers to this mix of old-school and new-school learning.


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